Create a space

Learn how to create a new space for your organization.

Head to the Create space page and follow the below steps:

1. Organization's details

Provide the profile information like name, description, social links or handles and treasury.

In order to set your Treasury select the network first.

Treasury is the address of your organisation's main account.

2. Select network

Choose the network for your organisation. At the moment Snapshot X works with Ethereum.

ℹ️ Starknet implementation is coming soon.

3. Voting strategies

Voting Strategies calculate the Voting Power of each user.

If you are not familiar with what a Voting Strategy is head to Voting strategies to learn more.

Select a Voting Strategy from the list of available options and provide the required details.

For example for the Delegated Compound Token you have to provide the token contract address, its decimals and the symbol:

4. Authenticators

Choose how users will be authenticated in order to create a proposal or cast a vote.

If you are not familiar with what Authenticators are head to Authenticatorsto learn more.

The two authenticators provided by Snapshot X are:

It will authenticate a user based on a message signed by an Ethereum private key.

Users have to submit a transaction on Ethereum. Authentication is proving that the sender's address is valid.

5. Proposal validation

Proposal Validation is setting requirements that user needs to meet in order to create a new proposal.

If you are not familiar with what a Proposal Validation is head to Proposal validation strategies to learn more.

Define the minimum Voting Power required to create a new proposal.

⚠️ We highly recommend setting a high threshold to avoid scam proposals. ⚠️

Once you have defined the required oting Power, you can then select the Voting Strategies which will be used to calculate the voting power of proposal creators and assess the eligibility to create a new one:

6. Execution

Execution Strategies have two key roles:

  1. determining the status of a proposal at any time,

  2. and executing the payload of a proposal if it has been accepted.

If you are not familiar with what Execution Strategies are head to Execution strategies to learn more.

When selecting the execution strategy you have to provide a quorum - minimum number of votes required for a proposal to pass.

Execution strategies

Currently Snapshot X provides two Execution Strategies:


-> ideal solution for treasuries on Safe

-> executes transactions on an Avatar contract

-> uses simple quorum

Avatar contract is any contract which implements the IAvatarinterface. Safe is an example of an Avatar contract.

To set the Avatar Execution Strategy up fully you have to enable it on your Safe account after you have created your space. Follow this guide to complete the setup: Avatar execution setup


-> adds additional security layer to review or cancel transactions before they get executed

-> executes transactions after a delay specified in seconds

-> uses simple quorum

When a proposal with this strategy is executed, the proposal transactions are queued in the Timelock for timelockDelay seconds before they can be executed.

7. Voting

Customize the setup for voting which will affect all proposals in your space:

  • Voting delay - The delay between when a proposal is created, and when the voting starts. A value of 0 means that as soon as the proposal is created anyone can vote while a value of 3600 means that voting will start 3600 seconds after the proposal is created.

  • Minimum voting duration - The minimum duration of the voting period. It is impossible to execute a proposal before this period has elapsed.

  • Maximum voting duration - The maximum duration of the voting period, it is impossible to cast a vote after this period has passed. The minimum voting duration must be less than or equal to this value.

We highly recommend implementing a Voting Delay to allow more time to review proposal's content and identify malicious proposals before voting starts.

7. Controller

Space controller is a user that has a full control over the space settings.

The address can differ from your own, you can for example set a multisig account as the controller.

8. Sign transaction(s)

Click Create and sign transaction(s) in your wallet. You will have to sign multiple transactions, each for individual contracts to be deployed:

  • Space contract

  • Execution strategy contracts - each space has its execution strategy deployed as an individual contract

And that's it! 🎉

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