Snapshot X

Welcome to Snapshot X's documentation. If you're looking for specific technical details or just want a broad overview of the protocol, you've come to the right place!

What's in this book?

Protocol: SX-EVM

Technical documentation for Snapshot X protocol. Go here if you want to understand the protocol architecture.

User guides

Non-technical documentation for the platform.

Go here if you want to create a space, proposal or cast a vote.


Overview of the services built for a better UX when interacting with the protocol. Go here if you want to integrate Snapshot X in your platform.

What's Snapshot X?

Snapshot X is an on-chain voting protocol. Technically speaking, it's a set of modular smart-contracts that interact with each other to do all the book-keeping. The difference with the original Snapshot is that Snapshot X is fully on-chain. What this means is:

  • The protocol is censorship resistant: Anyone can cast a vote. The protocol runs without any reliance on offchain or centralized services which have the power to censor votes. [1]

  • Voting power is computed on-chain: The voting logic is fully on-chain and auditable so you can be sure of the logic used to compute voting power and decide on the outcome of proposals.

  • The execution is trustless: Proposal transactions are automatically executed following the passing of a proposal. Say you create a new proposal which, if it passes, will transfer 1ETH to vitalik.eth. If the proposal passes, the 1ETH will automatically get sent to vitalik.eth, without any further human action needed.

If anything in these docs is unclear or you would like more detail, do not hesitate to reach out on Discord.

[1] We note that there are in fact offchain services (eg the relayer Mana) built for use with Snapshot X, but these are not mandatory and therefore cannot lead to censorship.

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